Wallisville Lake Project accepting feral hog permit applications

WALLISVILLE, Texas (September 4, 2019)- The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Galveston District, Wallisville Lake Project Office, Feral Hog Management Program is accepting annual feral hog applications from Sept. 1- 30 for the upcoming 2019-2020 hog hunting season. “Over the past several years, feral hogs have become an ever increasing problem around the Wallisville Lake Project,” said Eric Angle, natural resource specialist with USACE Galveston District. “Feral hogs are a nuisance animal and are notorious for the amount of destruction that they can cause. They have created numerous problems out at Wallisville Lake to include habitat loss, property damage, loss of wildlife, and are a constant safety concern for the general public.

Alabama Wars Against Feral Hogs


Feral hogs seems to multiply exponentially, damages crops and pastures, competes with native wildlife, and is quite simply the most destructive nuisance animal ever brought to Alabama. There is a war against the feral hog.

Wild Boar

Thirty-nine states in the United States have free-range populations of feral hogs, with an overall estimated population of more than 4 million. Feral hogs, also called wild pigs and feral swine, can be found in nearly every county of Alabama. In an attempt to assist in controlling the population of feral hogs, hunters are given very few restrictions on hunting them.

Skyhunter Outfitters LLC Acquires over 200,000 Acres for Helicopter Hog Hunting Near Dallas, Texas

DALLAS, Nov. 14, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Skyhunter Outfitters LLC , the premiere helicopter hog hunting outfitter in Texas, recently acquired 200,000+ acres an hour Northeast of Dallas, near Commerce, Texas. Previously, it was 140,000 acres. Skyhunter Outfitters LLC is in the business of joining numerous landowners as well as farmers in the battle against feral hog infestations not only in state of the Texas, but across the Southern states. Landowners in Fannin, Lamar, Hunt, or Delta County, who have problems with feral hogs, should contact Skyhunters to help cope with crop losses and damage.

Georgia Department Of Natural Resources

Georgia Hog Hunting Regulations

Georgia Hog Hunting Regulations
No limit, no closed season. Regulations
Feral hogs may be hunted at night with a light (no voltage restriction), which is carried by the hunter or affixed to a helmet, hat or part of a belt system. Hunting over bait is allowed. No hunting from a vehicle. Wildlife Management Areas
Feral hogs may be taken during any small or big game season with the appropriate lawful weapons.

mississippi wild hog program

Mississippi Hog Hunting Regulations

The destructive habits and health risks caused by wild hogs have been a growing concern since their introduction. Wild hogs are a non-native invasive species that have been spreading at an alarming rate throughout the North America. According to a 2010 USDA study, $1.5 billion in damage can be attributed to wild hog activity each year.