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Langford Farms

If you’re looking for a place to hunt trophy whitetail deer, turkey, hog or even coyote, we’ve got you covered. We are a family-owned farm located in central Alabama and we have been managing for wildlife since my grandfather bought the place, back in 1943.

We believe that hunting should be relaxing and enjoyable. We try to provide everyone with an opportunity to take game if they choose. If you happen not to bag a trophy, we sincerely hope that you still have a good time. We will do everything within our power to make sure that happens.

Peyton Langford

Black Creek Plantation of Alabama

If you are interested in hunting or fishing in Bullock County, Alabama and would like to become part of the Black Creek family you can contact us through any of the methods below.

By Phone: 334-304-5086

By Email: BlackCreekPlantation@gmail.com

Down South Hoggers: Alabama Wild Hog Round-Up

Alabama Wild Hog Round-Up Down South Hoggers Awesome bay footage and catch during Alabama Wild Hog Round-Up Posted by Down South Hoggers on Sunday, May 6, 2018 10163 Antioch Road Randolph Alabama 36792 3345189526   MORE ALABAMA HOG HUNTING INFORMATION

Silent Legion Suppressors

Our business is based on a commitment to honor and integrity, and the products we bring to you are made to certified, exacting standards that come with a lifetime warranty. It’s a level of performance that few suppressor manufacturers can equal. Whatever you need with your Silent Legion suppressor, whether it’s a QD mount, a tool, or both; it comes with your purchase. It doesn’t matter if you’re a dealer or end-user, we are here to serve your needs. Period.

Report Feral Pig Sightings

Anyone who observes or suspects the presence of feral swine should call the BOAH at 701-328-2655, Game and Fish Department at 701-328-6300, or USDA Wildlife Services at 701-355-3300.

Louisiana Wildlife & Fisheries

Feral Hog Feral hogs (Sus scrofa) are present in all 64 parishes in Louisiana. Louisiana’s population is estimated at 700,000. Gestation is 114 days and feral sows can have 2 litters per year averaging 6 piglets per litter. Statisticians have determined that 75 percent of the population must be harvested… Read more »

Trophy Wild Boar Hunts

Trophy Wild Boar Hunts offered by High Adventure Ranch!

Pig Hunts

Guided Pig Hunts The Ranch has a cross of Feral and Russian wild boar that have fully reverted to the wild. The Russian boars were imported for the San Carlos Ranch in Monterey County by George G. Moore in 1926. Over the years they have interbred into what we have… Read more »

Virginia Department Of Game & Inland Fisheries Feral Hogs FAQ

Summary and Frequently Asked Questions Feral hogs are four-legged ecological disasters. They cause damage to wildlife habitat wherever they exist. The only place hogs should be found is within the confines or boundaries of their owner’s property as a livestock or domestic animal, where they are cared for according to… Read more »