Black Creek Plantation and Hunting Lodge Thermal Hog Hunting



Thermal Hog Hunting​​

No trophy fees.  Show up and Hunt!  Georgia Wild Hog Hunts.

Includes rifle, scopes, ammo, transportation and  guide!

Wild hog and boar hunting with aid of thermal and night vision optics is one of the fastest growing hunting adventures available in the United States. In addition we provide farmers with the valuable service of removing large numbers of these crop destroying beast from their property. ​


Thermal Hog Hunting Rates – Spot and Stalk – unlimited hogs

2 person package  –  $625/person

3 – 4 people  –   $525/person

Includes guide, thermal  equipment, guns, ammo, field transportation and game recovery.  Skinning, cleaning , meals, lodging,and processing are not included but are available at additional cost.


Limited availability – We only conduct 1 hunt per week  Sept-Mid Oct and Mid Jan – March. We currently have a few dates available in Sept and Oct 2018. Winter 2019 is booked.  If you do not get a shot opportunity we will have you come back for a another try at no cost.

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