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We have had hogs for several years now. The damage they do to the land and crops is beyond belief. We have tried our best, but evidently, we can’t get rid of them. But, that’s why we’re doing the hog hunts; we have to try.

We started out shooting them in the daytime and had limited success. After requesting depredation permits from the state, we then moved to hunting them at night with lights and over bait. That was a lot better than when we just sat and hoped they would walk by. We spent a bunch of money on fancy red and green lights that attached to rifles, but found out that, unlike deer and coyotes, hogs could see those things and learned pretty quickly what they meant.

We then spent some more money and bought some of the digital night vision. That was way better than lights but were only good for one shot at less than one hundred yards. By the time the scope recouped from the flash of the first shot, the hogs were running and you couldn’t find them anymore. But, at least they didn’t run before you started shooting. You got one good shot in.

Wanting to see further, we then purchased third generation white phosphorus night vision. Man, that was a step up. They were pretty pricey, but we could then really see in the dark. We could see 750 to 1000 yards, make multiple shots on hogs and killed way more. Then, we realized that if one got cut on in too much light that the intensifier would burn up in just a short while. And after paying to replace an intensifier, we decided to find something better.

We found thermals. Life is complete. We finally found the perfect hog killing method. We can see in the dark, make multiple shots, see hogs in the brush, and even spot them at 800 yards.

We have utilized the thermals to their fullest extent and have killed hundreds of hogs, but we still have more. We hope everyone will come help us at least keep them at manageable numbers. You are welcome to bring any type weapon that you like, hunt day or night and kill as many as you can. I can’t guarantee what you see or kill, but I will assure you that we put you where we think that you have the best chance to kill the most hogs. We have weapons and ammunition that we provide for free and we also rent the thermal rifles. We don’t push the rental weapons, and it’s more expensive, but I will say that the thermal guys usually kill three to five times more hogs than the light guys. Whatever type hog hunt you want, we are just proud that you come. We need all the help that we can get to try and keep the hogs from putting us out of the farming business. We clean and quarter all the hogs you kill for free. If you don’t want some of the hogs, we have people that will take them. We hope that you fill all your coolers and have to go get more.

Special Offers

After arrival, you are given time to get settled in and any rule or game law questions are answered.

If you would like, you are carried to the range to check the zero of your rifle or the pattern of your turkey gun. Most of our green fields are pretty good sized. Try to be confident out to 300 yards if possible. If you don't have a place to shoot that far where you live, sight in 2 1/2 to 3 inches high at 100 yards. We try to limit your shots to 150 yards, but a lot of our stands offer much further opportunities. Don't let a rifle that's not sighted in correctly cost you a deer.

When you will be hog hunting at night, we will give you a lesson on how to shoot your rifle (if you use one of ours) and how to operate the thermal scope.  The scopes are simple to use and easily mastered. A short ten minute lesson is usually all that is needed.

We will issue you a cell phone if you don’t have one or if yours doesn’t have service out here.  This makes it possible for you to stay in contact with the guide at all times. If you kill a deer, are ready to come in or move to a different location, get cold, forget something, or it starts raining: just call and someone will come. 

Since we don't provide meals, there are no time restrictions placed on you. We don't have to pick you up at a certain time to come in to eat lunch. You can hunt as long as you would like; just call when you get ready to come in.

We take you directly to your stand and pick you up there also. You will not be asked to try and find one in the dark by yourself.

Also, don't worry about bringing a tip. We don't take them. I don't want guys to think that tipping a guide will get them a better hunt; and I sure don't want guys that can't tip to think they get less of one. We charge what we think is a fair price and don't tack on any extras.

Game Handling

We provide cleaning and processing of your game at no additional charge. Your deer or hog is cleaned, washed and hung in a 8' x 20' cooler. It remains in the cooler until you are ready to go. At that time, we will skin it, quarter it, remove the back straps and tenderloins and pack the meat on ice in your cooler.

We also have a taxidermist in case you would like your trophy mounted.

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