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  1. You must use your real FIRST and LAST name.
  2. You must upload a photo of yourself, not a logo or a photo with text on it.
  3. You must agree to accept email from Terry Platt and
  4. Terry Platt reserves the right to refuse approval for other reasons.

OTHER CRITERIA TERRY PLATT LOOKS FOR WHEN APPROVING NEW LISTINGS: I prefer you upload a photo headshot & have one on your website (do NOT use a graphic as a photo).

  1. Terry is looking to approve people whose “primary” service is repair even if you offer other services.
  2. Terry likes to see testimonials on websites, preferably those with first and last names.
  3. Terry prefers to see your headshot photograph on your directory listing and your website. No graphics, logos, or other photos are allowed on your directory page.
  4. I encourage you to take the time to create a well informed directory profile. Many visitors do not click through to websites before choosing a repair person so give as much information as possible.


To get your Free Listing, all you need to do is:

  1. Register to this directory.
  2. Submit your free listing.
  3. Wait For Approval (1 to 3 weeks). You will be emailed upon approval. Once approved, your listing will be live on the directory.

Please be patient. It’s worth the wait. Paid directory listings go through an automated approval process and are automatically posted within 3 BUSINESS days. HOWEVER, your listing may still not be approved. If your listing is not approved after payment, you will get an immediate refund.


This is our additional fee paid listing option called a “Featured Listing.”

With a Featured Listing, you are:

  • Listed on every free listing page, (versus just one page that free listings get) in the right column.
  • Your listing is located above all the free listings.
  • You are eligible to submit unlimited events to our Events page (each event must be approved).
  • You are able to add a YouTube video to your directory listing.
  • You are able to link to your social media pages: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram.
  • Your photo shows up in the right column with all the Featured Listings (photos rotate randomly).

Submit your Free Listing below, then pay for your Featured Listing upon completing your submission (you’ll land on a page that provides a payment button). Those who pay for the Featured Listing go through the approval process within 2 BUSINESS days. If your new listing is not approved, you will get a refund.

Or you can pay using a link provided by email upon your submission, or the link to pay is:

Terry Platt

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